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Hello, we’re Doug and Chris

We’re relationship coaches and if it’s advice on Surviving Infidelity you’re looking for we’re about to tell you why you’ve come to exactly the right place.

Let’s start by asking you some questions:

Are you feeling that you’re in the middle of an awful nightmare because you've just found out that the one person you trusted completely has been actually with someone else?

Or did you cause the chaos in the first place because you were the one who cheated and you're just now realising that it might have felt great at the time... but not when you get found out?

Or maybe you’re feeling really sick in the pit of your stomach as you suspect that your other half is up to no good but you're not quite sure?

Well believe us, we know exactly how you're feeling because we've been where you are right now.

It was 2 years ago that Doug dropped the bombshell on Chris that he'd been unfaithful for most of their 24 year marriage, when he announced to her that he’d had a number of one night stands and an 18 month affair with Chris’s best friend.

As we were told so often at the time and we are continually reminded now, that would have signalled the end to most marriages but despite the huge challenges that lay ahead of us we managed to survive it all and stay together.

Not only that, but we now enjoy a relationship which is stronger and at a totally different level than it ever was before.

With us being relationship counsellors you'd think we would have known exactly what to do but believe us...

...what it made us realise more than anything else is that when it happens to you it's a whole new ballgame and that there's a huge difference between the theory and the practice.

And that's why, having got through it all together, we now want to share our experiences and help others who find themselves living the same awful nightmare that we went through.

What we know, with the benefit of hindsight, is the more you understand about infidelity and why it happens the better prepared you are to deal with it and the greater your chances are of surviving it.

And that's why we put together our mini course 'Understanding, Coping with And Surviving Infidelity' which we normally sell for $27 but for a very limited time whilst we're doing some market research we're giving away for free.

We'll be really honest with you here and tell you that at the end of the mini course we'd actually like you to complete a small, optional survey for us.

Of course you're under no obligation to do so, but we really hope you will, which is why it's free until we've received all the responses we need.

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bullet Why people cheat and have affairs
bullet How to keep your relationship honest
bullet How to prevent infidelity
bullet How to admit your affair and how to cope afterwards
bullet What infidelity is... and isn't
bullet How to tell when your partner is lying to you

Here's what you need to do RIGHT NOW

Enter Your Name And Email Address Below Now To Receive Our Mini Course (value $27) Completely FREE


Privacy Policy

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Doug and Chris

P.S. Surviving infidelity and coming out the other end with a much stronger relationship or marriage than before really is possible, provided you know what to do. Don't miss out on this FREE help and support

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