At last! The solution to surviving infidelity you’ve been praying for...

“Do You Lie Awake At Night Wishing You Could Fast Forward To When The Pain, Paranoia And Mistrust No Longer Dominate Your Every Thought And You Can Feel Safe Again In Your Relationship Or Marriage?”

If your relationship has been ripped apart by an affair...

“...Read On To Learn How To Rid That Sick, Dead Feeling From The Pit Of Your Stomach, Put An End To Your Misery And Uncertainty And Wake Up Happy Every Morning Knowing That You’ve Finally Put The Nightmare Behind You”

From: Doug and Chris Young, Surrey, UK

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Hello, we’re Doug and Chris and we understand only too well the mess you’re in and the pain you’re feeling right now. Why?... because we’ve been there too...

...the sleepless nights tossing and turning as you’re haunted by the visions of the very person you love in the arms of someone else. Perhaps you’ve been reeling from the shock and hurt, wondering whether the whole of your relationship or marriage has been a sham. Or maybe the humiliation and shame is tormenting you as you wonder if you were the only one who didn’t realise what was going on...

...or if you’re the one who cheated, the guilt you’re feeling for causing so much pain, the uncertainty you’re going through not knowing whether the person you love and you’ve let down so badly will take you back, the horror of not knowing what the hell to do about the mess you’ve caused or how to handle your loved one acting like a raging bull...

Sounds familiar?...

You’re probably sitting there unsure, not knowing what to do and wondering if your relationship or marriage can survive.

You MUST Get The Best Possible Help

Who better to turn to than a couple who are qualified relationship coaches and who, 24 years into their marriage, experienced the nightmare you’re going through themselves, survived it, pieced their marriage back together step by step to the point where it’s stronger than ever before and now want to show you how you can do it too.

Whether you’re the one who has been betrayed or you’re the one who cheated you must get the best possible help if you want to kiss goodbye to this mess you’ve found yourself in.

Doug and Chris can show you EXACTLY what you need to start doing right now...

Unlike some infidelity counsellors we will NOT merely replay back to you what might happen after reading the theory in a book or learning about it on a course.

We are NOT just recycling and repackaging the same information that you and everyone else may have read many times previously.

If you’ve been cheated on, Chris knows all about how you feel physically ill at the thought of what was going on behind your back and the thought of them together.

She recognizes how so often the pain takes you to the point of wanting to throw up; the tightness in your chest as all those thoughts seize control of your mind.

She understands all the doubts and uncertainty that are racing around inside your head, wondering whether you will be made a fool of again and the relentless need to be on your guard all the time.

She knows how you might be wondering whether you will ever recover from your nightmare and be happy again.

And she knows all about the emotional roller coaster you’re on right now, the feelings of numbness, anger, shock, disbelief, grief, pain, sadness, loss and so on that change like the wind and seem to be taking over.

If you’re the one who did the cheating, Doug understands the uncertainly that you’re going through, desperately wishing you could turn the clock back and floundering around wondering what to do and how to make things better again.

He recognizes how the bitter sweet thrill and excitement of illicit encounters can come back to haunt and torment you.

And he’s familiar with the self inflicted anguish that you’re going through, suffering the guilt and feeling the agony at the hurt and suffering you’ve caused to the very person you love and who is now acting like an out of control distant stranger towards you.

Most marriage counsellors and infidelity experts will tell you they have all the answers but have they actually been through all this themselves?

Can they identify with what you’re actually feeling and going through as they tell you what you should and shouldn’t do?

Have they proved that it is possible to turn everything around and recover completely from this horrendous nightmare so much so that they’ve been featured in most of the national newspapers and magazines and interviewed on the national TV and radio stations in the country where they live?

If not, let Doug and Chris show you step by step what to do next.

But first, here’s a warning...

The Help Doug And Chris Can Offer
May NOT Be For You

Let’s be absolutely honest with you here...
  • The simple truth is that the pain and uncertainty that infidelity throws your way and confronts your every waking moment won’t just blow over and go away. You won’t wake up one morning to find that it was just a bad dream.
  • You have to take action to make that happen and be prepared to invest in your relationship or marriage, invest in yourself and invest in your future happiness. We are here to help you but you have to recognize that help STARTS from within.
  • If you don’t value your relationship and happiness at the cost of what you’d readily pay to fix your car then please don’t read on as what we’re about to tell you isn’t for you.

    (When we started charging just $97 for our relationship saving program most people couldn’t believe that they could save their marriage for under 100 bucks...

    ...they recognized this is a measly sum compared to the cost and despair of a divorce or split and would rather invest that in saving their relationship than use it as a down payment for a lawyer to start tearing it apart.)
  • If you're not totally committed to salvaging your marriage or your relationship then this isn’t for you.
  • If you think you can sort things out without qualified and professional help it might surprise you to know that 62.4% of couples who thought they’d dealt with their partner’s infidelity by merely talking it through and working things out themselves ended up with the cheater cheating again. If you’re prepared to risk being one of those statistics, then this isn’t for you.

Still with us?

OK, let’s move on...

You are only still with us because you’re totally committed to putting an end to your misery and to saving your relationship or marriage, right?

Read on as we reveal how we’re now going to give you the power, ability, courage and the secrets to

bullet Be in control of your emotions again instead of them being in control of you
bullet Get your life back to where the agony, doubts and uncertainty no longer dominate your every waking moment
bullet Rebound and put behind you all the despair that the lies and deceit have caused
bullet Fast forward to a time when you’re able to feel 'normal' again, just as you did before all this happened
bullet Erase all the unwanted thoughts and visions from your mind
bullet Be able to forgive the horrible pain your partner has put you through
bullet Be able to trust your partner again – and yourself!
bullet Feel confident again and rid yourself of all the self doubt
bullet Believe in yourself and trust your own judgement again
bullet Rebuild your broken relationship or marriage and make it even stronger than it was before all this happened
bullet Feel comfortable and safe again in your relationship
bullet Feel loved again by the person who matters most to you
bullet Be happy and able to enjoy your life once more

Here's how:

The Complete Guide To Surviving Infidelity In Your Relationship or Marriage

'The Complete Guide To Surviving Infidelity In Your Relationship or Marriage' is an amazing and unique relationship restoring Program which...

arrow Is Tested And Proven To Work – hundreds of couples worldwide have used this program to turn their relationships and lives around from the point of despair to a level that they would never previously have believed is possible
arrow Is Simple To Understand And Easy To Follow – no technical jargon, just a simple ‘Road Map’ to follow as you work your way from where you’re at today, through your problems and to the point where your nightmare is well and truly behind you
arrow Is Interactive!– you feel just as if you're having private counselling sessions as your coaches back up the written guide by speaking to you on videos, giving you exercises to do, discussing them with you and answering the most frequently asked questions
arrow Gets Quicker Results – different sets of advice and steps for the betrayed and cheating partners get you both to a point where you’re quickly communicating effectively and moving forward together
arrow Is Discreet And Convenient – you can rebuild your relationship or marriage from the privacy and comfort of your own home, or place of your choice
arrow Provides A Lasting Solution – no papering over the cracks; you learn how to deal with the fundamental causes of your problems, and how to ‘affair proof’ your relationship so that you can put this nightmare behind you for good

OK so that’s an overview. Take a closer look at what you're about to get with this unique program:

Tested And Proven To Work

arrow You follow the same steps that have helped many, many others just like you go from the depths of despair to an even better and stronger relationship than before
arrow Help and guidance based on the real life experiences of many others who have successfully overcome and survived the massive challenges of infidelity in their relationships
arrow By learning how to avoid the mistakes others have made you speed up the recovery process

Simple To Understand And Easy To Follow

arrow 70 page written guide in everyday language with no technical jargon to confuse you
arrow Straightforward step by step guidelines – a ‘Road Map’ for you to follow
arrow Designed to progressively give you the right answers at the right time as you work your way through the process of dealing with the infidelity, moving forwards and rebuilding your relationship or marriage

Quicker Results - By Helping Each Partner

arrow The circumstances and the help needed by the cheating and the betrayed partner are different so you receive specific advice which is relevant to you individually, as well as collective advice which is relevant to you both
arrow Gives you the comfort and assurance of knowing your partner sees things from your perspective – and vice versa
arrow Gets you and your partner quickly communicating effectively and constructively with less arguing


arrow Simple and effective exercises for you to do individually and as a couple – you instantly start putting what you are learning into practice and seeing results as you go through the relationship recovery and rebuilding process
arrow 11 videos for you to watch where the important steps are explained in precise detail and some of the most frequently asked questions about dealing with infidelity are answered
arrow You don’t feel alone as your coaches ‘talk’ to you just as if they are in the room with you
arrow Helps break down the barriers that the infidelity has put between you and your partner

Discreet And Convenient

arrow You can work through the program in the privacy and comfort of your own home or the place of your choice
arrow No outside, inconvenient counselling meetings to attend
arrow No embarrassment
arrow Fits in with your own schedule, so you control the pace

A Lasting Solution

arrow Provides you with a complete understanding of infidelity so that you can address the cause (why it happened) as well as the symptom (the pain and hurt)
arrow You learn how to rebuild your relationship or marriage with the correct foundations to make it ‘affair proof’, rather than patch it up and just paper over the cracks
arrow You can move forward in the comfort of knowing there is no need to settle for just a mediocre relationship!

Right that's explained how our Program is going to help you and how it works. Now let's tell you about what you're going to get. You've probably got loads of questions racing through your mind at the moment so...

Here’s A Sneak-Peak At The Sort Of Questions You'll Get Answered Once You’ve Started This Relationship-Restoring Interactive Program:

question mark - Why did they do it?
question mark - Why did I do it?
question mark - Why did this happen to me?
question mark - What did I do wrong?
question mark - Should I stay or should I go?
question mark - Can I forgive them?
question mark - How do I ask them to forgive?
question mark - How can I trust them again?
question mark - How do I regain their trust?
question mark - Does infidelity have to be actually sleeping with someone else?
question mark - Can a relationship survive without telling the other person about the    infidelity?
question mark - How do I admit my affair?
question mark - How do I end my affair?
question mark - Is change possible when it comes to a cheating partner?
question mark - How can I break the habit of cheating?
question mark - How do I let go of the anger and the hurt?
question mark - What is normal to be feeling during the rebuilding process?
question mark - How long will it take to heal and make things feel right?
question mark - How can I deal with all my raging emotions and get the thoughts
  out of my head?
question mark - How do I get my partner to start talking?
question mark - How do I tell my partner things I want to but can’t?
question mark - How do we talk about it without arguing all the time?
question mark - How do we start communicating better in general?
question mark - How do I tell if they’re lying or telling the truth?
question mark - Is it really necessary to know all the details of the affair?
question mark - How can I prevent it happening again?
question mark - Can a relationship really survive after an affair?
question mark - How do I know whether my partner is right for me?
question mark - What do I do if my partner is showing no remorse?
question mark - I think my partner is cheating. What should I be looking out for?
question mark - I’m convinced my partner is cheating. How do I confront them?
question mark - How do I know whether our relationship or marriage can survive their
question mark - How do I deal with all my friends and family telling me I’m mad to   stay?
question mark - Where do I go from here?

So as you can see... Once you say yes to 'The Complete Guide To Surviving Infidelity In Your Relationship or Marriage' interactive program you’ll get all those heart wrenching questions answered and you’ll be able to put your problems behind you and move on with the rest of your life!

But you don’t have to take our word for it...

Here’s Testimonial PROOF That It Really Works

"You've honestly saved our marriage..."

This devastated wife was about to throw her husband out on the street before she stumbled upon our program.

"When it first happened I didn't know where to turn, I am so relieved that I found your programme. I was prepared to throw Steve out of the house, sell all his belongings, and cut him out of my life for good.

It was when I came across your website that I realised I might just be making the biggest mistake of my life. With some hesitation I bit the bullet and purchased your programme. All I can say is that 3 months on Steve and I are back together in a loving and trusting relationship, trying for our first child.

Thank You."
-- Carol Winchester

"We've just celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary..."

This couple faced some life-changing decisions when 2 months ago they found each of them had cheated in their 19-year long marriage.

"After the shock of finding out that we'd both strayed, we really started to challenge our whole relationship. Your guide and videos really were a breakthrough for us. They helped us remember the reason we fell in love in the first place. Whilst on holiday celebrating our 20th Wedding Anniversary we raised a glass to you, thank you so much for sharing your experience through this guide.

We realise now that we need to continually commit to our relationship to receive the rewards."

-- Julie & Richard Morgan

“It helped us so much knowing you actually understood what we were going through..."

This couple were trying to resolve their problems but were really struggling until they were recommended to our program.

“Before we discovered your program we were having marriage counselling and not really getting anywhere. So often we would come away from the sessions thinking well it’s OK for them to say that, it’s not happening to them. That’s why when we were told about your background we just felt your course would be different. And thankfully it was… as we followed all your advice and watched your videos we really felt as if we were getting help from friends, from someone who actually cared about us and who really understood what we both were feeling.

Probably the best thing for us was that it helped me to see things from Laverne’s perspective and for her to see things from mine, which made so much difference. We’re pretty sure that if we’d just carried on with the counselling and not followed your program we wouldn’t have made it through and we wouldn’t still be together. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

-- David and Laverne Harrison

For you to get results just like others have you must take that first step because remember this: the pain and uncertainty that infidelity throws your way and confronts your every waking moment won’t just blow over and go away.

You won’t wake up one morning to find that it was just a bad dream.

You MUST Take Action And The Time To ACT Is NOW

To restore your happiness and get your life back to how it was before this nightmare took over you must invest in 'The Complete Guide To Surviving Infidelity In Your Relationship or Marriage' interactive program NOW.

We’ve already told you that we charge $97 for our program. We set that price knowing full well the amazing effects it can have helping you survive infidelity and knowing full well that it more than warrants that price.

What we also know full well is that the benefit you will get in terms of results and the effect it will have on your life is priceless. It’s impossible to put a price on your relationship, your marriage or your happiness. Try it and see!

But we have a surprise for you! Today we’re going to give you our amazing program for only $47, and save you $50!

Why? Simply because we want to get it into the hands of as many people as possible.

Of course we can’t guarantee that this special price will last forever, but right now we’re more concerned about giving you the opportunity to save your relationship or marriage.

So to take advantage of this opportunity, here's what you need to do RIGHT NOW


What's More... As Part Of Our Commitment To Giving You The Very Best Possible Help We Will Include The Following Relationship Saving Bonuses worth $108 Absolutely F-R-E-E


The 5 Secrets To Effective Communication

The 5 Secrets To Effective Communication

'Effective communication is the cornerstone to any successful, happy and fulfilling relationship'

In this unique Relationship Enhancing Guide you will learn all about:
  1. The Importance Of Effective Communication

  2. Dealing With The Different Communication Styles Of Men And Women

  3. Causes Of Miscommunication In Your Relationship

  4. The Consequences Of A Lack Of Communication

  5. How To Improve Communication In Your Relationship


10 Ways To Rekindle The Flame In Your Relationship

10 Ways To Rekindle The Flame In Your Relationship
If your relationship needs healing and rebuilding or has simply run out of steam...

...Listen as we share with you 10 very simple yet effective Secrets for injecting the Spark and Romance back into your relationship and recovering the initial magic that brought you together.


201 Signs of a Cheating Husband
and 201 Signs of a Cheating Wife

201 Signs of a Cheating Husband and 201 Signs of a Cheating Wife

Discover the truth once and for all by asking these 201 ultra revealing questions about no less than 20 aspects of your partner's actions, behaviours and movements.

Plus, with these you also get 2 bonus videos:

Video 1 - 'Why and How to confront your cheating partner'
Video 2 – 'How to detect whether your partner is lying to you'

And our Bonus Report: 'How To Get The Truth Out Of Anyone'

What’s more, You Can Purchase This Programme With ZERO RISK...

Our Iron Clad 56 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee

56 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

That’s right, you have a full 56 days to read, watch and apply the concepts, techniques, and real life experiences revealed inside this powerful relationship saving program. And if in any way you feel that this unique product fell short of your expectations even if it’s on the 55th day of the guarantee, then all you have to do is let us know and we’ll insist that you let us refund 100% of your money.
It’s just that simple!

Still skeptical or undecided?....

Let us put your mind at ease by answering some of the questions you may have and giving you all the assurances you need to get started straight away:

My circumstances are unusual – how do I know it’s going to work for me?
Try it and let the results speak for themselves! Without knowing what your particular circumstances are our recommendation is to try out the program and if it’s not for you, or you’re not completely satisfied, just claim your money back under our Money Back Guarantee and you will instantly get 100% of your investment back with no questions asked. You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose.

I’m in a gay relationship – will your program work for us?
Yes. There are some references to how men and women interact differently but well over 90% of the program will be beneficial to you

Do I need a DVD player to watch the videos?
No. You can either watch them online or download them to your computer to watch at your leisure, using the password protected links we give you.

I’m skeptical because I’ve bought other products before and been ripped off. Can I get a sample of the of the program and the videos?
You don’t need to because you’re completely protected by our 100% Money Back Guarantee. That's exactly what it's for.

I’ve seen other relationship ebooks for around $20 so why is yours more?
Ours is much more than an ebook, it’s an interactive program with exercises for you to do and videos for you to watch. Plus of course, you get what you pay for!

I’d love to have your program but just can’t afford it.
To put into perspective the small investment required to save your relationship or marriage ask your partner who cheated on you how much they ‘invested’ in their lover, turning your world upside down and threatening your relationship! Or if you’re the one who cheated, ask yourself the same question.

Today, the opportunity to get your life back on track, your sanity back and wake up each morning knowing that the nightmare really is over is staring you right in the face... All you have to do is reach out and grab it!


Love and Support,

Doug and Chris

P.S: If you are smart you won’t let today’s opportunity to get $205 worth of amazing and unique Relationship Saving advice for just $47 pass you by - CLICK HERE NOW

P.P.S: Remember, our 100% money back guarantee means you can invest in our tested and proven to work program with ZERO RISK so you have nothing to lose except the pain and uncertainty you’re feeling right now.

P.P.P.S: Imagine how you’ll feel when you wake up tomorrow morning knowing that you’ve taken the first step to finally putting all the pain and uncertainty you’re now suffering behind you and you know that at last there’s light at the end of the tunnel.